Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Travel Wishlist II

Here is an update to Travel Wishlist I published before.

These places need to be visited before (I have) kids.

1) Backpacking in Eastern Europe - Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey

2) Backpacking in Boundary Waters - 7 day in absolute wilderness of Minnesota!

3) Backpacking in Scandinavia - Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland

4) Backpacking in South America - Colombia, Venezuela & Ecuador

Oh Lord! Give me some Vacation & Money!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Given one more day
Set off another trek

Sky upon
Reach out
Earth down
Barefoot on the pebbles
Man, woman
Five elements
Eternal unions

In the arm of angels
With endless folklores and fairytales
Camp fire, chi and communion

Next valley?
Next summit?
Next galaxies?

Blue bonnet on the hill
Chaque printemps