Saturday, November 03, 2007

Travel Wishlist

...Places I definitely have to visit in next 15 years, not necessarily in that order

1) TransSiberian Rail - This 6000+ km rail line which traverses the length of Russia, also traverses parts of China & Mongolia. It would be a wonderful 10-12 days on the rail where you get to see varied topography and 3 totally different culture, and mingle with various co-passengers and travellers and share experiences.

2) Mt. Kiliminjaro & Serenghetti National Park - At 19,000+ ft, Mt. Kilimanjaro might be the tallest stand alone peak. Serenghetti is definitely a place which showcases the best wildlife in the world and a trip to both the places would be a great eye-opener to the rich African culture

3) Fjordlands - Dubbed as the Eight wonder of the world, kayaking in the Milford Sound in the Fjordlands in New Zealand would be a dream come true. The Fjords of Norway come a close second to this place.

4) Rafting in Himalayas - The grand daddy of all mountain ranges, a 10 day rafting expedition through the rugged terrains would definitely be a life changing experience.

5) Northern Lights in Fairbanks - One of the natural wonders of the world seen from the 60th parellel in Northern Hemisphere; is definitely the most divine and super-natural thing you can ever experience.

6) Machi Pichu & Colca Canyon - A trip to visit the old Incan empire and a gateway to learn about the ancient latin american civilisation.

7) Gold Coast & Great Barrier Reef - I have always been a big fan of things down under, and visiting the 12 Apostles would be an opportunity of lifetime.

8) Interlaken & Jungfrau - The Alps at its best at this beautiful Swiss location

9) Mt. Fuji & Tokyo - People all over the world are fascinated by the highly developed yet really ancient Japanese civilisation, and it would be worthwile scaling the Mt. Fuji and then spending time travelling in Japan, learning this culture

10) Banff & Jasper - I already have a taste of these national parks courtesy Glacier National Park in Montana. My love for glacial mountains would be complete with these parks and a visit to Fjordlands mentioned above. In all probability, this would be the easiest thing to achieve amongst the list above. Moraine Lake is definitely the place to go....


totti said...

1. Share experience with co-pass - they might end up killing you

2. Food for wildlife or jump from a really tall place. equally appealing

3. No wonder..

4. Desists are not welcome

5. super-natural for the hypo-critical

6. Machi..what culture have you learnt in LA?

7. I wish you stay there..forever
Allright, so most of them are some dragged out saggy jokes ..but good list..way to go pointy.

i want to see mexico, rome, egypt and mostly India.

Rohan Kumar said...

Odd that Kerela and Rajasthan dont figure in your destinations unless you've visited them already but good list noetheless

Anonymous said...

floating/living on a houseboat on the kerala backwaters.........
-- R.S.

Point 5 said...

@Totti....Your attempt at humor is will u be seeing mexico, rome, egypt and india on a bicycle

@Rohan..Rajasthan and Kerala are definitely very pretty place...I could only put 10 places on this list, there r definitely many more places to be seen

@R.S...that sounds pretty interesting

Anonymous said...

When in Banff, do not miss Yoho National Park please! Its spectacular, especially around the July long weekend.

Snippet :
Lake Ohara Hike Report

Btw, talking of wish-lists, how about Cambodia? the Angkor complex looks to die for!

Am enjoying the travel articles on your blog btw and totally envious of all the traveling you're doing ;) (and planning in the near future.)