Monday, August 31, 2009


My first memory of Chicago was that of walking down windswept Michigan Ave in January. Yes, I said January - there is no typo!! Only the bravest of the tourists would ever decide to visit Chicago in January. I guess, I was plain foolhardy! We must have been the only ones to be walking towards Navy Pier and Shedd Aquarium in -20F wind-chills. But despite this cold reception, I was pretty impressed by Chicago Downtown. Having spent a week in New York, immediately before my arrival to Chicago, I couldn't help comparing the two. Chicago Downtown clearly seemed more roomy, upscale and definitely cleaner. That was 5 years ago and never did I imagine that one day I would come back to actually live in downtown Chicago!

Although I have been to the windy city a few times before, I have never had the opportunity to spend time and explore the city. I have heard rave reviews about the city but all my brain could filter was the severe wind chills that hit the city for 4 months a year. Moving to a new place is always exciting. It gets even more exciting if the city is as big as Chicago. Having lived in the second largest (LA) and the fourth largest (Houston) city in US, I am excited to move to the third largest city in the Country. More importantly, I am exicted to live in the downtown of a city. I have always dreamt of working in a high-rise with sweeping views of the city. While that dream has never materialized, I have finally gotten an opportunity to live in a high rise, and most importantly with some amazing views of the lake, river, downtown and even as far as Soldier Field and the state of Indiana!!

Having never used public transportation in the last 4 years in Southern California and Houston, I am looking forward to the experience of living without a car. Having no car definitely seems like a handicap, but I am only focusing at the positives - No more car registration, insurance, parking and most importantly expensive gas!! With its El, Metra & CTA Buses, I hope to use plenty of quarters and monthly passes and pray I never get mugged in the city :) Moving from a V6 gas guzzler to no car will also help to significantly reduce my carbon footprint - a point which augurs well with my aspiration to contribute to the field of renewables techonology.

Every time I have moved, I have learnt something new about myself, and the people and the place around. I am sure Chicago will be no different. I have already decided to utilize my prime location in downtown to explore and devote more time to the arts scene in the city. With its plethora of museums and local theater Chicago should provide ample opportunities to this effect. I am also curios to explore and learn about the great architecture in the downtown. I am not sure if there is anything different about the Mid-Western culture, other than micro-breweries and tornadoes, but I definitely hope to explore the "City of Neighborhoods" to learn more about different cultures.

I am also looking forward to being a student again, but more importantly I am looking forward to being super-busy. Often times I have complained to friends that I have never been in a position to give an excuse, "I am too busy for that". Infact, I proudly claim that in 4 years of professional life, only twice have I actually worked on Saturdays. I have been very fortunate that last 6 years of my life have been at a very relaxed pace and yet things have fallen into place. However, I am craving for days when get to sleep less and actually fight to get what I want. I am sure the next 2 years will offer plenty such opportunities!


Subash said...

Chicago is a great town, especially late summer and early fall. The lakeshore drive is just too good. Good times, good food, good bars, good spots.

Point 5 said...

Yeah..I am loving it so far..Not looking forward to the winter though :(

ss said...

I am so jealous.. yep thats it :)

Subash said...

Winter pretty much sucks everywhere in the NE and MW. At least, you live downtown, that's good. Check out the Chicago symphony sometime, they are good.

totti said...

Pointy...i thought i commented already..adorable!